Palau isn’t just about the Rock Islands. With a strong cultural history, mysterious archaeological remains beautiful rainforests and a legacy of WWII battles, there’s plenty to keep you occupied above the waterline.

Whether you’re taking a break day from diving, or looking for something to do on your last day in Palau there are plenty of options…

Dolphins Pacific

Located on the northern side of Ngeruktabel Island in the Republic of Palau, Dolphins Pacific is the world’s largest marine mammal interaction, education, and research facility. As a sales agent for Dolphins Pacific, NECO Marine can arrange your entire dolphin experience and our staff will be there with you as instructors for your dolphin scuba dive.

To learn more about Dolphins Pacific programs offered visit their website.

Koror City Tours

The Koror City tour is a 4 hour tour where we’ll take you around all the highlights of Koror, visiting the museums, the aquarium, clam farm, storyboard carvers and, of course, shopping for souvenirs.

Palau International Coral Reef Center (and Aquarium)

The Palau International Coral Reef Center hosts it’s very own aquarium. The aquarium features series of both outdoor pools and marine tanks, which showcase the variety of habitats and marine life that can be found in Palau.

It is ideal for divers who wish to learn more about the environments in which they’re diving. For non-divers, it gives an intimate first-hand look into the world of the diverse coral reef ecosystem.

Up to date scientific knowledge and conservation efforts are tailored together with traditional Palauan legends to give the visitor a unique overview.

Other Sites of Interest in Koror

There are many other places worth spending time, and those listed below is just a taste:

  • Mari cultural center: To keep up with the demand for clams and fish, Palau’s Mari Culture center has been researching and farming clams and rabbit fish successfully. You can purchase a clam shell from here that come’s with an official license, allowing you to take the shells out of Palau and into other countries.
    If this is something you would like to purchase please check with your countries own rules and regulations.This is an interesting place to visit, although there is no official guided tour, there are people there who can answer any questions you may have.
  • Tebang wood carving shop: this is where you can purchase a traditional Palau gift, a Story board. These Storyboards are hand carved only on the finest wood.

To learn more about a particular attraction simply contact us.

Babeldaob Adventures

A full day is needed as a minimum to explore the island of Babeldaob (the second biggest landmass in Micronesia). We can even arrange multiple day tours combined with a stay in the secluded North Beach Cottages.

Archaeological highlights include the Stone Faces of Ngerchelong, the ancient Stone Monoliths, and the mysterious terraced hillsides found in various locations around Babeldaob.

You can visit the traditional Bai (Men’s meeting house) of Melekeok or maybe take a trip to Ngardmau or Ngeremlengui and visit the beautiful waterfalls.

Peleliu Land Tours

Take an hour scenic boat ride to the island of Peleliu and enjoy the guided tour around the island. Visit the WWII battlefields, see the old tanks, gun emplacements, bunkers, communication centers, the Japanese HQ and airplane wrecks.

Stop at Peleliu’s War Memorial Museum, where WWII artifacts are on display, some of them may have been found in the few days!! All found artifacts on Peleliu are first identified and then documented.

There’s also an opportunity to spend time at the memorials to both American and Japanese soldiers lost during the war.

Arrange the tour to suit yourself, either a half day or full day, or even combine it with your diving day. We can also break from the tour for visits to the pristine beaches of Peleliu or for a dip in the swimming holes.