New Jellyfish Lake, Manta Rays, and Dugongs Booklets for 2012

Jellyfish Lake, Manta Rays, and Dugongs booklets - NECO MARINE - PALAU

Now available at the Neco Marine gift shop and local stores are three 45-page booklets on Palau:

  • Ongeim'l Tketau / Jellyfish Lake
  • Ouklemedaol / Manta Rays
  • Mesekiu / Dugongs (updated reprint from 2011 Dugong Awareness Campaign)

These booklets are loaded with new photographs and interesting information for both visitors and Palauans. The Etpison Museum together with Neco Marine will be publishing 2-3 new booklets every year on various Palauan attractions and wildlife. Upcoming subjects will include: Pelagic Palau, Spawning Aggregations, Endemic Forest Birds, and the Rock Islands.


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