PADI Palau Manta ID Distinctive Specialty

PADI Palau Manta ID Distinctive Specialty - NECO MARINE - PALAU

Although Yap has become known for their regular reef manta encounters, Palau has a resident population of mantas around its channels that we are just starting to learn about. We have been photographing mantas for years, and are building up a database of belly IDs and unusual behavior for the Palau mantas. During the months of September to May each year, larger mantas visit the channels in Palau to mate and give birth. So far, over 100 different individual mantas have been photographed in Palau just this last season in four different locations. Six pregnant mantas were recorded this season at German Channel alone, and four newborn mantas. The largest gathering of feeding mantas ever filmed in Palau of over 60 individuals together took place just this March. We are starting a separate website just for the mantas, and encourage you to send us any photos or information you may have on Palau's mantas, so for more manta information, please check out: PADI Palau Manta ID Distinctive Specialty logo - NECO MARINE - PALAU

Neco Marine's Fabio Esposito now offers a new PADI Manta ID Distinctive Specialty course to our visiting guests, so you can learn more about Palau's mantas while diving with us.



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