A Portrait of Paradise

Palau is an archipelago made up of more than 500 pristine limestone and volcanic islands, shrouded in emerald forests, that are engulfed in a beautiful turquoise lagoon. The island reefs are world renown for spectacular diving featuring fascinating WWII relics, breath taking reefs, endless verticle drop offs, and diverse marine life large and small. Whether your hooked in on the reef during a Scuba Dive, Reeling in your next prize fish, enjoying a sunset cruise on a private boat, or paddling through shallow corridors between the islands, you will find plenty to enjoy in Paradise. Learn more about Palau at the Palau Visitor’s Authority

Diving in Palau

Palau is home to over 700 species of coral (400 hard corals) and over 1300 species of fish, at last count. This is a testament to the fact that the warm tropical waters of Palau (typically an agreeable 84°F/29°C) have the most diverse marine life anywhere in Micronesia.

With over 60 dive sites and 60 wrecks, there is a huge variety in dive sites. Whether it be the strong currents found at Blue Corner, the beautiful coral gardens at Sandy Paradise or Ulong Channel, the colorful soft corals of Big Drop-Off and Yellow Wall, or awesome cathedral like Blue Holes, there is no shortage of dive sites to enjoy. Palau is famously home to resident Manta, mobula, eagle and sting rays, Hawksbills and green turtles, territorial Grey reef sharks, nurse sharks, Hammerheads, Bumphead Parrot fish, Napoleon Wrasse, enormous groupers, menacing dogtooth tuna, and shoals of jacks, trevaly, snappers and barracuda. If you look closer you’ll also find a wealth of macro life in colorful nudibranchs, Mandarinfish, ghost pipefish, cleaner shrimp, mantis shrimps, scorpion leaf fish and frogfish. In Palau there is always something to look at and much to dream about after each dive. Learn more about Palau’s dive sites.


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