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Experience level: Intermediate
Typical depth: 30 meters / 100 feet - Nitrox is highly advised

Although the name suggests it is a tunnel, this site is more like a wide cavern with three openings. The biggest starts around 28m/95ft and descends very quickly to well past recreational limits, so it's very important to stick with your guide and monitor your depth. Watch out below for schools of Jack below, sometimes being hunted by Giant and Blue Fin Trevally. It's worth bringing a flashlight to look at the roof and walls of this beautiful cavern but once inside you will soon notice the second opening on your left, framed with beautiful fan corals taking advantage of current moving in and out of the cavern. Continuing into the cavern and the floor rises up to around 30m/100ft. Look closely to find beautifully marked Shrimp Gobi's and Dart Fish. The third opening is bigger and slightly more shallow than the second but is similarly framed with picturesque Fan Corals. It's not uncommon for Grey Reef Sharks to be found outside any of the entrances. On exiting the tunnel, the dive usually continues much shallower in order to save on No Deco Time, along a gorgeous and expansive reef wall covered in hard and soft corals and many, many kinds of tropical fish.

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