Palau’s Manta Ray Tourism Study

Manta Ray Study

The Republic of Palau is recognized as one of the prime destinations for scuba diving, offering visitors the opportunity for spectacular encounters with marine animals. Read more...

Behind the Scenes with the Churaumi Aquarium Mantas by Mandy Etpison
Churaumi aquarium
My Okinawa visit was hosted by the Palau Pacific Resort, who have been a sponsor of our Palau manta ID project, and Mr. Shirou Wakui, a well-known Japanese TV personality and environmentalist who has been involved with the design of the Churaumi Aquarium. I had heard that they have been able to breed manta rays in captivity, but there is little information available about it online, so I jumped at the chance to go and see for myself. I was interested in finding out if the ID pattern of the pups has any connection to the mother or father mantas. We see newborn pups every season in Palau, but do not know from which mother they come, so I was hoping to get some clues from the patterns. Read more...

Palau is Proposing the World's Largest Marine Reserve!

Shark Poster

The President of Palau, Tommy Remegesau Jr. , proposes to ban foreign industrial fishing in Palau's EEZ waters. Read more...


Manta ID Palau Database Doesn't Stop Growing!

The Etpison Museum , with sponsorship from NECO Marine and PPR, assistance of visiting divers and local dive guides, has been building a database to collect information on Palau's individual mantas and how many are visiting Palau's reefs every year. Read more...


After the Storm, Comes the Calm

During typhoon Haiyan all concerns were not only on Kayangel, the area where the eye of the typhoon passed, but also on Ulong and Ngemelis, the two main diving areas of Palau. Read more..


Manta ID Palau Project: The Latest Manta Trust Collaboration


Manta Trust, an UK Charity that coordinates research and conservation efforts about mantas all around the world, has recently included Palau as one their new projects with Mandy Etpison as the project leader. Read more...


Managing Mantas in Palau by Mandy Etpison

Mandy Etpison

Since I first came to Palau in 1985 to work as a dive instructor, I have been fascinated with exploring the dense forests and waters of this tiny island group. While running a tour/dive operation with my husband, I spent several years studying Palau’s culture and endemic forest birds, resulting in the opening of our small private museum and the publication of my Palau books. But I always return to my first love, the ocean and diving, with sharks and rays being my favorites.Read more...


Prince Albert of Monaco in Palau

Prince of Monaco

Last 11th of March, Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife, Princess Charlene, came to visit Palau as part of their Pacific Tour. Read more...


New Baby Born Manta in German Channel - February 2013

New Born

A new born manta ray has been observed at German Channel. The new baby born manta, named Eddy (M73), was suspected at first to be the baby of Mechas (F1) who was last time seen pregnant in December 2012. Read more...


Update of Manta ID Palau Database with Over 200 Identified Mantas - February 2013

Manta and Diver

The Etpison Museum, with NECO Marine as one of the sponsors, builds a database called to collect information on Palau's individual mantas and shares what is learned from observing and photographing them in Palau for the last 25 years. Read more...


Identification of 2 New Mantas in German Channel - November 2012

New Mantas

The last new moon of November, Mandy Etpison, the founder of Manta ID Palau Project, went diving to update the manta database. Read more...


New Jellyfish Lake, Manta Rays, and Dugongs Booklets for 2012


Now available at the Neco Marine gift shop and local stores are three 45-page booklets on Palau. Read more...


PADI Palau Manta ID Distinctive Specialty

Although Yap has become known for their regular reef manta encounters, Palau has a resident population of mantas around its channels that we are just starting to learn about. Read more...


Palau Dugong Awareness Campaign


Neco Marine is also a partner for the PALAU DUGONG AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, which is coordinated by Mandy Etpison and supported by local NGOs, the Bureau of Marine Resources, Koror State, and Fish and Wildlife. Read more...

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