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Neco Marine is sponsoring the Site Management Study for German Channel and Manta Tourism. The study is to assist Koror state to make German Channel safe for Mantas and Divers. Everyone is welcome to this event. More info...


30 Year Anniversary

30 Years Palau - Now available at Neco Marine Dive Shop & Etpison Museum

30 yearsThis book celebrates the spectacular biodiversity of Palau , a small island nation in remote Micronesia known as one of the top diving destinations in the world.  It celebrates the 30 year anniversary of Palau's Pacific Resort  and Neco Marine, which have set  the standard for high-end  tourists in Palau since 1984.

Dutch wildlife photographer Mandy Thijssen Etpison celebrates her own 30 year stay on Palau by sharing a unique collection of over 950 Palau photographs covering a range of animals and subjects rarely achieved in a publication by a single photographer.

Spectacular aerial views show you snapshots of Palau, highlighting traditional culture, rare endemic forest birds and pelagic seabirds, and unusual marine life.  Most of Palau's endemic species records for Palau, plus animal behavior  rarely captured on camera.

This book is a must-have for anyone who loves nature, has been to Palau, or who is dreaming about going to this remote tropical island paradise.........

Available now for $49.50.

Palau Map

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- Palau's Manta Ray Tourism study
- Behind the Scenes with the Churaumi Aquarium Mantas
- Manta ID Palau Database Doesn't Stop Growing!

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Photo Gallery

Grey reef shark - NECO MARINE - PALAU Turtle - NECO MARINE - PALAU Manta rays - NECO MARINE - PALAU

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