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Jellyfish Lake, Manta Rays, and Dugongs booklets - NECO MARINE - PALAU

NEW FOR 2012

Now available for $17.50 each at the Neco Marine gift shop and local stores are three 45-page booklets on Palau:

  • Ongeim'l Tketau / Jellyfish Lake
  • Ouklemedaol / Manta Rays
  • Mesekiu / Dugongs (updated reprint from 2011 Dugong Awareness Campaign)

These booklets are loaded with new photographs and interesting information for both visitors and Palauans. The Etpison Museum together with Neco Marine will be publishing 2-3 new booklets every year on various Palauan attractions and wildlife. Upcoming subjects will include: Pelagic Palau, Spawning Aggregations, Endemic Forest Birds, and the Rock Islands.

Celebrating Palau - NECO MARINE - PALAU

Celebrating Palau

Mandy T. Etpison
Mutual Publishing  2009
Hardcover, 225 pages

Published for 2010, the 25th anniversary celebration year of Neco Marine and the Palau Pacific Resort. These two successful businesses continue to set the standard for high-end tourism in Palau, even after 25 years. The book is filled with stunning images of the unique scenery and wild life of Palau, and is a must-have for anyone planning to or dreaming about coming to Palau. 25 year resident and author of 6 books on Palau, Dutch wildlife photographer Mandy Etpison here shares some of her favorite wildlife encounters.

Available for mail order only from us - USD$45 plus shipping
Palau; Cultural History and Natural History - NECO MARINE - PALAU

Palau; Cultural History and Natural History

Mandy T. Etpison
Tkel Corp.  2004
Hardcover 2 book set with box, 250 pages x 2

This beautifully bound book set includes detailed descriptions on the history, archaeological sites, artifacts, culture, flora and fauna of Palau, filled with photographs from five of Palau's long-time resident photographers Kevin Davidson, Bert Yates, Pat Colin, Mandy Etpison and Bill Perryclear, as well as Skindiver’s Geri Murphy and Paul Tzimoulis.

Available for mail order only from us - USD$90 plus shipping
Birds & Bats of Palau - NECO MARINE - PALAU

Birds & Bats of Palau

H. Douglas Pratt & Mandy T. Etpison
Mutual Publishing  2008
Softcover, 288 pages

This first photographic guidebook to the birds of Palau features never before seen photographs of the rare endemic forest birds of the islands, as well as the common resident and most migrant birds. More than a simple ID guide, this book gives you unusual details about the behavior and nesting of the birds, decorated with stunning photographs by wildlife photographer Mandy Etpison, and beautiful illustrations by artist and ornithologist Doug Pratt.

Available for mail order only from us - USD$25 plus shipping

Neco Marine animal slates - NECO MARINE - PALAU Neco Marine fish slates - NECO MARINE - PALAU

Also available are slates with photos and drawings of birds, fish, and creatures of Palau.

There are two sets, each containing three two-sided slates.

Available for mail order - USD$12.50/set plus shipping

Please write to: for more details

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